Farm Girl Friday 2022

I'm excited- are you excited??? Silly question: I know you're all excited to bring back Farm Girl Friday...I've been contacted by so many people regarding here's the info you've been waiting for.

First of all, participating is really simple. Just decide which quilt you'd like to make, gather your supplies, and sew along on Fridays (OR which ever day of the week is your Friday--for example, if you're a hairstylist, your free day is probably Sunday or Monday...that's YOUR Friday, etc.) Post images of your work on our Everything Lori Holt page--you may inspire someone to join in, push through a slough, or help someone else narrow down their color choices. If you have a question or problem with a block, post it also: quilters are super generous people! I'm sure you'll receive plenty of tips and help from our community.

Choose to use Farm Girl Vintage (1) book, or Farm Girl Vintage 2 book---OR BOTH---for this sew along (SAL). My recommendations: If you are a very new quilter, consider making 12" blocks and use the Large Version of the County Fair Setting (FGV1, pg 112). If a confident beginner/intermediate quilter you might choose the Farm Girl Vintage 2 cover quilt. It combines 6 inch and 12 inch blocks in the project. If you like more of a challenge, you probably want to make the Farm Girl Vintage quilt, which is comprised of forty-eight six inch blocks with a flying geese border.

Having said that...there are no rules, and you are the boss of your own quilt -- Lori says so! If you'd rather make a different quilt in one of those books, go ahead...If you prefer to make another project of Lori's - make it. The idea is to commit to some personal sewing time, and enjoy the community within our facebook group (Everything Lori Holt).

1) Join the Everything Lori Holt facebook group--be sure to answer the questions to be accepted.

2) Choose a project.

3) Gather your supplies and prep for January 7th start date. I definitely recommend starching fabric before cutting (click HERE to read a blog post regarding starching). I am out of FGV books but click HERE to view some fabric bundles I have available and HERE to view some background fabrics.

Suggested background fabric requirement for Farm Girl Vintage (1) is 4.5 to 5 yards, which includes the 2 1/4 yds for the sashing and borders.

Suggested background fabric requirements for Farm Girl Vintage 2 is 2 3/4 yds for the 6" blocks & block borders and 5 yds for the 12" blocks & 12" block borders, and the inner border. You may choose for all of your background fabric to completely match, or your 6" blocks to match in one fabric, then 12" blocks match using a second fabric, OR go totally scrappy, OR anywhere in between-it's your quilt, and it's your design choice.

You may stop here until January 7th, or you may begin cutting some blocks and place the pieces on design boards (or ziplock bags) to await assembly on the 7th.

4) Begin your project on January 7th and post your blocks on our Everything Lori Holt page. During the original sal, Lori completed two blocks per week in the order they were presented in the book. Feel free to sew at your own pace.

5) When sharing your work on IG, or other platforms, be sure to use the #farmgirlfriday hashtag to inspire other quilters around the world, and spread the Lori Holt farm girl love.

I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful quilts at the end of the year! Be sure to post any questions on the fb page, so we can help you get started.

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